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Wednesday, June 5th, 2002
12:31 pm
Hi everybody!! Uhh... NS is not feeling well today, it seems like she had a bad day. She's grumbling to herself in the corner... So she decided to let me have the computer for a few hours, seeing as she has recently realized that I am actually the best candidate currently for alter ego status.

This Live Journal thing is really neat... Maybe I'll make one of my own! Uhm, so, my name is Naoto and I'm in two jpop bands on vocals and guitar... We have gotten really successful lately and life has been very exciting.

Hmm... what should I talk about... My boyfriend. Yes my boyfriend Jiyanu... I love him more than anything else in the universe. He is so wonderful and sweet and caring and... uhh... forgiving. Yes very forgiving. It has been a very difficult relationship, because well, I kinda idolized him for years and years before I met him... Yeah we really are ten years apart in age, I was still just a teenager when we started dating. His ex-boyfriend and my band members who love to embarass me set us up and somehow he's managed ever since then to tolerate me. I love him so much! He's vocals and guitarist like me.. He has a very slim body and looks hot in anything especially the skin-tight tank tops he loves to wear. And he has this gorgeous wavy hair that tapers from brown to black. He can seem very shy around people, because he's a quiet person and doesn't really like to talk about much... I get really frustrated with him cause he refuses to have deep conversations... He likes to just talk about music, really everyday stuff, have sex and watch me fall asleep (this is because sex really really exhausts me... ^^;;). We get into fights really easily.. But we have amazing nights too when we just completely click and I never want to let go of him ever... I love him, wow do I love him.


People here are so politically apathetic! I'm the treasurer for the... well you see it would be like a student government organization, but we have no student government. ^^;; It's more like a club trying to get a student government to happen. But anyway I make speeches all the time and all people ever want to know is when my next concert's going to be or what's the new time for Cloud and Rie's radio show or are You-kun and Giishi actually a couple... Uggh, I have had enough of this. Are they listening to anything I say about stopping the new militarism or increasing our involvement in peaceful humanitarian aid?! No, they just want to see me strip and kiss my boyfriend. Look that's all fine and well, I will do that on Tsuu & Ryo's music program any week, but we are talking about a serious challenge to the Constitution going on right now and where are Japan's young people?!??! Hello

The fact is, Toudai is just a machine for putting out cog-like bureacrats and politicians. I should know, they put out my dad. x_x But I did meet Sanami here, and it's thanks to her that my band was able to put together this fund to help this village in Africa... Oh yeah that's right!! Please everybody buy our new album!! Remember 15% of the proceeds go to the people of... Oh like you all really care. You just want to see me and Jiyanu give you fanservice... *sigh*

NS: ...go. away. you. are. too. fucking. perky.
Naoto: That was perky?? Wow are you in a mood...

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Sunday, May 26th, 2002
1:51 pm


the author of this journal does not exist in what you would consider to be the real world. please do not stalk him, decide he is your only friend, or fall in love with him. should you email him you will get a reply from him, but consider yourself sufficiently warned.

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